The latest news of the railways of Germany and the world:

2008-01-16 - Farewell Alex - welcome to the new Alex! As of 9th December 2007, the "old" Allgäu-Express, that was operated jointly by the Swiss EuroTHURBO and the Länderbahn, was replaced by the "new" Alex, operated by the Länderbahn as part of Arriva. The name "Alex" stays the same, although the design is changing and the network is extended. Now, Alex-trains not only run between Munich and Oberstdorf, but also reach Lindau, Hof and even (once a day) Prague!
On December 29th, 2007, an Arriva 223 was on its way to Munich, crossing the river Lech near Kaufering.
2008-01-16 - Well, that's about it for the remaining prototype-DMUs of class 628.1. Two years after the last runs of class 627.1 in Germany, the 2-car-units of class 628.1 are taken out of service. Although the scheduled runs ended with the introduction of the new timetable in December, 628 101 and 103 were used as stand-ins for other trains several times. However, they have been finally taken out of the active fleet on January 14th.
Whether the three units can expect a new life in Poland, as several 628.0 and 627.0/1 have, is not known yet.
2007-03-15 - with special authorisation by the owner, www.trainpics.de is able to present a photo of the new sepcial livery of one of the power-cars of the Blue Star Train. The design symbolizes the change from the former TEE "Max Liebermann" to today's Blue Star Train.
Please note that the location is not on public ground and only accessible during open days of the Bahnpark Augsburg!
2004-12-26 - Only a few weeks old, but already a historic document is this photo of the Buchloe depot, showing the situation on November 21st. In December, all the buildings have been torn down. Only a pile of rubble remains - and will soon be gone, too. Again, a piece of typical railway-architecture has disappeared. Sometimes it seem's as if tradition does not have its place in modern railway life ...

2004-05-02 - A railroad which was quite unknown in southern Germany so far can now be met several times a week in Harburg/Schwab: The Westfälische Landeseisenbahn - short: WLE. Until recently, the company operated only regional freight traffic, but now it has managed to get into bussiness for the transport of 30.000 tons of so called "Zementklinker" (there's no way that I can translate this, sorry) to Erwitte in Westfalia.

The two images, both take on April 15th, show WLE 37 and 61 as they shunt to the back end of the loaded train (above) and WLE 62 on the point. Unfortunately, dense clouds appeared soon after these photos were taken, so that there are no pics of the train on the road.

2004-03-20 - Bad luck again for 218 473! For the second time within a few months, the "König-Ludwig-locomotive" stranded in Buchloe due to a major defect. And this time, if the rumours are correct, it does not look good for the special loco. On March 7th, only hours before the defect appeared, it was photographed in Lindau for the last time yet.

last update: 18th January 2008