Private Railways in Germany

In a time, when the operations of the Deutsche Bahn AG is more and more dominated by modern trains and the standard - though quite attractive - "traffic red", there's a new source for variation on german rails: After the introduction of "open access" to the german railway network, the number of private railway companies that are operating trains in Germany is growing fast. A number of galleries is dedicated to those colorful trains, regardless whether they operate on the railway's own or DB-AG's tracks. More pics will be added frequently!

ALEX in Winter - As of December 14th, 2003, life on the rails of the Allgäu has become more colourful - the Allgäu-Express, short "ALEX" is connecting Munich and Oberstdorf every two hours. Doing so, it can be regarded as the legitimate successor of the Interregio-trains of the Deutsche Bahn AG, which have been discontinued a year earlier.
Come and see what the ALEX-operation in Winter is like ...
Augsburger Localbahn - In 1997, the Augsburger Localbahn took over the freight traffic between Augsburg and Schongau from the Deutsche Bahn AG. Since then, the orange diesels of the AL, Adtranz V100.4, which were acquired especially for this service, haul one or two trains in either direction per day. Mostly, the topography of the line and the increasing ammount of freight even require to double- or triple-head the trains.
KEG Kerosene Trains - For many years, long distance freight trains were almost exclusively run by the German state railways. But since the privatisation of the rail system and the introduction of "open access" to the rail network, things get more colourful. Whilst in the northern part of Germany a larger number of private freight trains are operating, there are only a few of the in soutern Bavaria. The kerosene trains of the Karsdorfer Eisenbahngesellschaft are some of them.
KW Gelnhausen - For almost 94 years, from 1901 until 1995, it was possible to travel from Wächtersbach to the health resort of Bad Orb on standard gauge tracks. A little photographic visit to the short line, which was operated by the Kreiswerke Gelnhausen, is meant to bring back the memory of a quite unspectacular, but rather charming railway.
Schauffele - Only a small railway company is the Ernst Schauffele Schienenverkehrs GmbH & Co. KG (ESS) - but once a week, nevertheless, the two "Ludmillas" are allowed to go on a long trip to southern Germany! With an empty unit train they are arriving at Harburg (Schwab) everey Saturday morning and in the afternoon, after the train has been loaded, they journey back to Berlin starts ... a selection of pics from the return trip can be found in this gallery.
Teutoburger Wald-Eisenbahn - The Teutoburger Wald-Eisenbahn operates a rail network of about 100 kilometers (60 miles) in lenght, which is situated in northern North Rhine-Westphalia.
In this gallery, we follow the star of all TWE-freight trains, the Benteler steel-train, on it's trip from Hanekenfähr to Gütersloh Nord. Click on the link to see all twelve images!

last update: 15th August 2004