Trainpics from the USA:

Huge mountains, deep gorges, endless deserts - it's hard resist the fascination of the american west. Long, heavy freight-trains, struggling up steep gradients, snaking through narrow cayons or thundering through wide plains, make the attraction for the railfan almost irresistable. Although the railways of the USA had caught my attention some years earlier, it wasn't before September 1997, that I was able to see it all "in real live". Two more trips could be realized in 2000 and 2001. Railfanning as it's best!

A selcetion of images from my trips through the western USA can be found in the following galleries:

Colorado - Probably one of the most fascinating railways in the american rockies is the mainline of the former Denver, Rio Grande & Western Railroad from Denver to Salt Lake City. From Colorado's capital, it climbs up to Moffat-Tunnel, to continue west, winding through various canyons and valleys. 15 images give an impression about the line up to the Utah border.
Crawford Hill - For many, the american Midwest is all "flatland". But that's not entirely true. In north-western Nebraska, there even is an example of real "mountain railroading" to be seen. Crawford Hill offers a spectactular line with long and heavy trains - and a rather high traffic density, too! Join in for a visit to one of the places to be for everyone who likes heavy freight action, helpers and hard-working diesels!
Ogden - Echo-Canyon - The western end of the line from Cheyenne to Odgen, the heart of Union Pacific's transcontinental mainline, is the section through Echo canyon and down to Ogden. We travel in the opposite direction and start our journey east of the Great Salt Lake.
Feather River Canyon - Whilst the Southern Pacific was crossing the Sierra Nevada further south at Donner-Pass, the tracks of the former Western Pacific followed, with a much more gentle gradient, the gorge of the Feather River. Today the line is part of Union Pacific's network, but is used by BNSF-trains several times a day, too.
Ludlow - Needles - If you travel on the legendary Route 66, you'll more or less follow the BNSF-mainline in southern California. Other than the famous highway, which has lost its importance, when interstate 40 was built, the railway-line through the Mojave-desert still is used by a large number of trains.
Tehachapi - A name with an almost magic sound for everyone, who's interested in american railroads. The line through the Tehachapi mountains northeast of Los Angeles is not only because of the famous "Tehachapi-loop" at Walong worth a visit. Two railroads, the UP and the BNSF, operate on the line and provide a lot of diversion at any time.
Last update: 12th October 2002