Trainpics from Switzerland:

The Swiss Alps are world-famous. The Swiss Emmental cheese, too. In the financial world, Switzerland has its place ... but for the railfan, the main points of interest in Switzerland are of a different nature: A large number of large and small railway-companies run colourful trains up hill and down dale - and often they tunnel right through the mountains, too. Trains with famous names like the Glacier Express invite you to go on a rail-trip through Switzerland. All aboard! The following galleries will take you on a virtual journey on Swiss rails:
Albula - The line over the Albula Pass can be described as the mainline of the Rhätische Bahn. As it connects the capital of the Grisons with the noble resort St. Moritz, it's not only a regional means of transport, but also is a major touristic attraction.
Bernina - Up to an altitude of 2.253 m climbs the line over the Bernina Pass - which guaranties a exiting ride. Not only in Summer, when the Rhätische Bahn adds open observation cars to the trains, but also in Winter, when there can be several meters of snow on either side of the rails ...
Lower Engadine - To the far east of Switzerland the rail network of the RhB does reach. The Lower Engadine Line runs through the Upper- and Lower Engadine to Scoul-Tarasp. In 1991, class Ge 4/4 I electrics were the standard power for passenger trains here, but Ge 6/6 I "crocodiles" and Ge 4/4 II were in use, too. See the beauty of the line on 27 pics in this gallery!
Last update: 09th March 2003