A collection of somewhat "special" galleries can be found in this category. Galleries, which won't fit in the usual scheme, as they are not about a particular country, region, railway-line, company or type of locomotive, but deal with a certain theme above the named categories.
All of the galleries found below will be updated (more or less) frequently. But now have fun viewing all the "special pics"!
Trains & People - A gallery, in which, for once, the trains are not the main object - it's the people these pics are about! People for whom the railway is their job, a means of transportation, their hobby - or just something, that accidentally crosses their way. What would the railway be without all those people anyway?
Railviews - Full sun, elevated vantage point, shooting the train in a 45-degree-angle? Not in this gallery! You won't find any ordinary railway photos in here - but a selection of 'thinking-outside-the-box'-trainpics, playing with various focal lenghts, shades of light and angles that are less obvious.
Between Day & Night - that's when the photos of this gallery have been taken. The couple of hours around sunrise or sunset often offer very special photographic conditions. With the sun standing close to the horizon, sending out a warmer, weaker, but nevertheless intensive light, glint shots an backlight photos become possible - and even with the sun in your back, you'll experience a that the world is suddenly painted in a different set of colours ...
Train-Meets - More than just one train on a picture? Sure! This has to be a train-meet, hasn't it? And that is exactely what this gallery is about: Trains meeting trains, but also trains meeting other means of transport and ... well, let's wait and see what future updates will bring ...!

last update: 13th February 2005