Trainpics from Great Britain:

England is the mother country of the railway - a fairly well-known fact. But since the race of Rainhill, the time has not been standing still. The modern British Railways don't have a lot in common with Stephenson's Rocket any more.
Nevertheless the railway system on the large island has preserved a certain, somewhat antiquated charme - and is "typically british" in that way, too. Even the look of the trains is sometimes rather unfamiliar for the continental railfan. Curious? The pics from Great Britain's trains are just one click away ...
Devon & Cornwall - A visit in the far south-west of England: The railway network of the two counties consists of the mainline from London via Exeter to Penzance and a number of branchlines. Although the dense vegetation in the southern part of England doesn't make it easy to find suitable photo-locations - it's well worth the effort! Have fun with trains & sea in England!
Last update: 09th June 2002