Trainpics from Germany:

It is no surprise: The majority of railway photos in my archives show the trains of Germany, where I was born and still live, and most of them are from southern Bavaria. Therefore, there is a rather large number of galleries from Germany - and there are more to follow! Please take your time and scroll down a bit, too. You'll find some interesting galleries, which are well worth a visit, down there!
Class 103 - For 30 years it has been in service by now - and at least for half of this time, it has been the epitome of fast passenger service on German rails. But now, the end of class 103 is near - a good reason to dedicate a extra-large photo-gallery to this great locomotive!
Impressions: Heudeber-Danstedt - The best years of the railway junction of Heudeber-Danstedt are over for quite a while. What used to be the mainline from Halle to Hannover in 1945, was not more than a unimportant branchline after the war. Now, the branchline has even been closed down for good. What remains are the regional trains on the "new" mainline via Werningerrode ...
When I visited Heudeber-Danstedt in March 2002, the branch to Osterwieck West was still in use.
Horka - Horka? Where the hell is Horka? That's what you'll probably ask. No wonder, as the little village in the Oberlausitz may look back on a 700-year-long history, but failed to find its way into the world's history books. Alas, amongst german railfans, Horka is a bit more famous ...
KBS 428 - NOKIA-Bahn - "Finnish elektronic firm sponsors german railway-line" - like this the headlines must have read, when NOKIA, after taking over the the German company Graetz in 1994, decided to bring more life to the railway-line that passed their Bochum works. Needless to say that this sort of sponsoring was used for marketing purposes, too - including a new colour-scheme for the rolling stock!
KBS 757 - Brenzbahn - In eastern Baden-Württemberg, along the bavarian border, the "Brenzbahn" can be found. As it should be for state-of-the-art regional rail-traffic, mostly modern Adtranz-Regioshuttles - class 650 DMUs - are in use. Those and their predecessors, the classes 215 and 628.2, can be found in this gallery.
KBS 761 - Teckbahn - Below the Teck-castle, once upon a time seat of the dukes of Teck, a collateral line of the Zähringer, runs the branchline from Wendlingen to Oberlenningen via Kirchheim/Teck. Especially in spring, when thousands of fruit-trees are in full blossom, it is the right time to visit the line at the edge of the Swabian mountains. Six images from a sunny April afternoon can be found in this gallery.
KBS 821 - Wiesenttalbahn - Only the western part of the line through the Franconian Wiesent-valley - from Forchheim to Behringersmühle - is still used by scheduled passenger trains. At least, the part behind Ebermannstadt did survive as a preserved railway.
When I visited the line in 2000, all scheduled trains were still hauled by class 211 diesels, which have been replaced by DMUs in the meantime.
KBS 955 - Bayerische Oberlandbahn - Since 1999, you have to board the trains of the "Bayerische Oberlandbahn", if you want to ride from Munich to the Bavarian Alps at Bayrischzell, Lengries or Tegernsee.
In that year, I havevisited the section between Holzkirchen and Bayrischzell twice, to get pictures of the BOB's "Integral"-DMUs. A selection of the pictures I took can be found in this gallery.
KBS 963 - Ammergau-Bahn - A quiet branchline in Upper Bavaria. For decades, loco-hauled trains have been the standard on this beautiful line - since Summer 2002, they have been replaced by modern EMUs of class 426. But for now, let's take a look back to the "good old times"! In addition to many pics of class 141 electrics, there are some shots of special trinas, too!
KBS 970 - Allgäubahn - Right trough the Allgäu, a well known region amongst holiday-makers, run the tracks of the mainline from Munich to Lindau. As the Allgäubahn offers an abundance of beautiful photo-locations, several image-galleries will be dedicated to that line. For now, the one about the section from Immenstadt to Hergatz is online; more will follow ...
KBS 978 - Mittelschwabenbahn - The secondary line from Günzburg to Mindelheim is often called "Mittelschwabenbahn", as it is situated more or less in the middle of the Bavarian county of Swabia.
18 pictures document the use of classes 515, 627.1, 628.0 and 798 on this line, which today is mostly operated be modern "Desiros" of class 642.
Dinkelscherben - Thannhausen - Just history are the trains on the branchline to Thannhausen, which left the mainline Ulm - Augsburg in Dinkelscherben. After the last freight had run at the end of the nineties, several steam-specials were operated by the "Schwaben-Dampf e.V.". On April 9th, 2000, 52 8079 was on the line for the last but one time.
Die Staudenbahn - for almost 80 years, passenger trains were running between Gessertshausen and Markt Wald, west of Augsburg. But on the 31st May 1991, the last scheduled passenger train ran on this branchline.
Today, it is being discussed to start to offer a daily service on the Staudenbahn again - but we will take a look at the old Staudenbahn in this gallery!
EG3103 in the Frankenwald - New locomotives have to be tested! Even if Denmark, for which the new class EG was built for, is far from being a rather mountainous country, there are some severe gradients at the ramps of the new rail-connection over the Øresund and the Great Belt. To get the locomotives fit for those ramps, a number of test drives was carried out around Ludwigstadt in northern Bavaria. A good chance to get some pics of the brand-new engine!
last update: 7th May 2005